Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jacob is 21 months & Big News

Three months 'til Jacob turns 2! Where's my baby?! Seriously, there's only a small part of baby in him. He's so big now. He talks so much, and he understands so much now. Before, I could list the words he was saying, but now I'd be here for awhile. However, my favorite phrase of the moment is, "What'd you do?" He says it when something is out of place or he hears a loud noise. It's so cute and funny. Jacob is more obsessed than ever with Elmo, his favorite show is Elmo's World and following close behind is Yo Gabba Gabba. Seriously, every morning when he wakes up (and after nap) he asks for "Ehmo" and after lunch it's "Yabba Yabba." And if you watch Yo Gabba you know there's a segment on there called Silly (funny?) Faces, and they make funny faces, and Jacob tries to do them. Of course, they look nothing like they're supposed to, but who cares! And he's slowly learning Elmo's song. He's currently in 2T clothing and size 8 shoes. According to our scale, he's weighing in at 30 pounds, and is approximately 33" tall. And Jacob's favorite activity is anything outdoors. Man, if this kid could be outside all day, everyday, he would be so happy. It's a pain to drag him inside. His favorite things to do outside? Pull his wagon around. His grandpa takes him everyday for a walk along with his wagon, and they pick flowers. Oh, and bubbles are still a lot of fun for him.

And the biggest news of all...he's in his toddler bed!!! We finally got his sister's mattress and moved his into his bed. At first, he was a little apprehensive, but now he knows it's his bed and he likes the bees on it. He's still sleeping with a binky, and his monkey lovie. Hey, I've got to pick my battles. I figured I'd drop the binky after his sister arrives, and we get a hold of potty training. Ahhh, that's another one! He says he as "poo poo" when he goes #2! I know he's going to be ready soon, and I've bought a potty, but I feel like there's going to be too many new changes in these next few months to throw potty training into the mix. I'm hoping around October or November to start. But hey, who knows. Maybe we'll start sooner or later. It's amazing to see the little person he's growing into, and it's unbelievable how much a little person could make a person so happy and love them more than the world.

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