Saturday, June 19, 2010

Deja Vu: NST Update

It's like I've been here before. Oh, wait! I have been here, with Jacob. So, I've had 3 Non-stress tests so far. The first 2 were easy. I was in and out of those within 40 minutes. Little girl did her thing, and my BP was fine. Well, not so much for the 3rd visit. On Friday I went in for my NST at 4p, it was preceded by an early morning for my nephew's graduation with lots of sitting, not enough water, and a later than usual lunch. I knew this would spell disaster but I was going in thinking everything would be okay. You see, exactly 2 years earlier I had an NST after Jasmine's graduation morning that sent me straight to L & D. Well, guess what? I was back in L & D.

This past NST started off normal enough. For the 1st 15 minutes everything seemed fine, but then they noticed that I had a contraction and it looked like baby's heart had deceled, not a good thing. If it stays the same or accelerates during a contraction, that's okay. So they wanted to make sure that every time I had a contraction baby's heart was not deceling, and I had to force myself to have contractions. Let me tell you, you don't want to know how I had to do this, but hey it worked, and I didn't have to go the IV route. I had 3 contractions and baby's heart did NOT decel. Thank God. However, baby girl's heart rate was looking very flat. Instead of a squiggly line, her line was close to looking very flat or straight. The Doctor's did not like this at all, and I was sent to L & D for more monitoring. I got into L & D at about 5p, and for awhile baby was still looking the same, so the Doc on-call (my doc was on vacay) said I should eat something. I was sent some oh so yummy :0| chicken, spinach, potato type dinner. I forced myself to eat despite not being hungry at all. Late lunch, remember? But I'm glad I did because soon after, it was like everything was back to normal. Baby girl was fine! Her heart rate was normal, looked normal, I had no more contractions. We were free to go home, at around 8p. The Doc said that the fact that her heart rate looked so normal trumped the way it looked earlier and she is absolutely fine. I was so relieved.

BTW, my BP stood pretty normal through all of this, however I did get a call from the lab that I do have +1 in my urine for protein, a possible early indication that I may have or may be headed toward preeclampsia. I hope not! It's said that you can go from diagnosis to delivery in 2 weeks. I'm so not ready. Getting there, but not quite there. I have to pack my bag, I have most of my stuff and her stuff together, and her sleep area is ready after a day of thorough cleaning. She'll be sleeping with us for a few months in her playard/bassinet. And her portion of the closet and her room is pretty much set. I'll have pictures soon!

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