Monday, June 14, 2010

Mischievous Monkey

Anyone who has a child knows that silence is not always good. Well, it is, but when a toddler should be talking and chatting and making noise, and you hear nothing...something's going on. The other day I was making breakfast for me and Jacob, and I hear nothing - no singing, talking, feet walking. I peek into his room and see that his changing table drawer is open. Okay, I look on the floor, directly under the changing table, and see nothing. Nothing under or around it. I turn my head to follow the direction Jacob's walking, and I see him climb into his bed and into a cloud of diapers with him saying "Pee pee." He dumped out his diapers onto his bed. I laughed out loud! I think it was more out of relief that it wasn't diaper rash ointment or sunscreen all over him or his bed. That drawer now contains diapers and a handful of things, and hopefully it will deter him from emptying it out again. Yeah right.

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