Thursday, July 15, 2010

His 1st Boo Boo! And 38 Week Update

We almost went two years without a big cut, but one day shy of 23 months, Jacob had a fall. He skinned his right knee. I wasn't there, but Jacob was with my niece at her house when, I was told, Jacob tripped on the uneven concrete and grass area of the yard. They were on their way back to our house, and when he got here he wasn't crying until I put on the Neosporin and the band-aid. He would have these random outbursts of crying, then stopping, then looking down at the band-aid, then crying. And he kept saying, coco (term we use for an ouch). It was funny at first, but after 45 minutes of it...I couldn't handle it. Well that, and everyone was spoiling him. Not helping, people. So after a bit, he was okay, just a few random moans here and there, and the comfort of his Mimis (aka his pacifier). Oh, and he was walking with a limp while holding his short leg up so it wouldn't touch the cut. It was too adorable. Ugh, what's going to happen when he breaks a bone or something?!

And as for baby girl, I'm just a few days over 38 weeks and, so far, things have been good with her. Well at least this week. Monday I had an NST and there was a dip in HR but nothing too concerning. Baby girl was probably so active she smooshed her cord. I also had a growth U/S this week and baby girl is weighing in at 7.5 lbs! If I go to my due date that means she'll be like 8-8.5 lbs! Come on labor! You need to start! But I doubt it's going to happen anytime soon. I had an OB appt this week too and I'm still the same with no progress. I also received some wonderful info about my hospital stay from last week. Apparently my OB was upset that I wasn't fed right away, and that they were trying to C-section me! I knew something was up. Ah, I'm over it now. Just moving forward and praying/hoping for some *labor dust* Anyone got some?! Send it my way, please!

38 Week Belly...

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MrsKBJ said...

Madison hurt the same knee a couple of weeks ago. I should of got a picture. I can't wait to "meet" your baby girl! So close!! Have a great weekend!!