Thursday, July 8, 2010

37 Weeks & Full Term

Oh my. What a week it's been. I've been sharing it with a cough and cold. Yup, I'm sick. Again. For the third time this pregnancy. Seriously, I'm O.V.E.R. it. If that weren't bad enough let me tell you about my appointments. So I had my Endo appointment and it was at 10:40a and I'm in the waiting area doing my thing, emailing, texting, reading a magazine, and I realize it's 12p. Uh, yeah it's noon, and I have an OB appt at 12:40p. I walk up to the ladies at the desk and ask how much longer 'cause I have another appt in 30 minutes. They apologize one outright said it, but I'm guessing they forgot about me...again. It has happened before. So they rush me back and do my vitals, and my BP is high! Like higher than it's ever been. I see the Endo Doc he says my sugars are perfect and that I'm done with seeing him. Yes, I'm done with him! Well, for the next 3 months. But yay, no more long waits at his office or being forgotten about. I just have to keep up what I'm doing up until the day I deliver. Woo hoo!

Okay, so off I run to my OB appt, and I do my thing there and my BP is higher than it was before, like super duper high, and they found protein in my urine...again. My OB immediately sends me to L & D, but before I go she tells me that I am 1 cm dilated and baby is still high. And now I'm off to L & D where they will monitor my BP and baby. I get there and they hook me up to the baby monitor and the BP machine. They take my first BP and it's around 120/70...yeah, that's normal. I think it's a fluke. So I'm already pooped and starving by this time, and I ask the nurses for food and tell them that I'm diabetic. I get my food within minutes. I eat, I'm resting, I'm feeling better. I had my BP taken at least 4 more times and they were ALL normal readings. My readings hung out at around 120/70 the ENTIRE time. No sign of high BP anywhere! WTH!!! Baby girl was perfect too. I had just eaten so she was all crazy, as usual. However, they did get my labs back and my OB thinks I have an infection. Which is very deja vu since the last time I was sick, with a cold, they said the Same. Exact. Thing. Dehydration and a cold. Boo. And now here I am, on complete bed rest. Yeah, tell that to someone who has a toddler. Ain't going to be complete, but I'm going to try. Oh yeah, and I'm ready to get her out. I'm so uncomfortable, it hurts. And being sick makes it hurt even more, when I cough, try to sleep, move. I'm just relieved things are still looking great for baby girl. I'm so so happy about that! I pray to God it stays that way!

And if you read all that...Thank you! I'm glad I have a place to vent!

Just because I love him sooo much...

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MrsKBJ said...

I was on bed rest w/ madison. Not fun!! I wish I took advantage of it more though and organized photos and other little things. It would be hard to do bed rest with #2. Hope you are able to rest as much as possible!