Monday, July 26, 2010

Isabella's *Long* Birth Story

On Tuesday, July 20th, I had a busy day ahead of me, and I knew it would probably be the day something significant was going to happen. I made sure Jess would be at my appointments that day, and I made sure I had a decent meal before the appts. Just the day before, I had an NST and failed, so I was scheduled for another the very next day, on the 20th, just before my 39 week OB appt. My NST appt was at 3p, and I failed that NST as well - baby girl wasn't cooperating and my BP was up. The nurses contacted the Perinatologist to get her advice, and I told the nurses that I had an OB appt just minutes away. They contacted the Peri, but they decided to let me take my NST results to my OB appt so my OB could interpret and decide what we wanted to do. My OB appt was at 3:50p, and I did the usual - PIAC, BP, weight check. My urine still had trace protein, my BP was up, and my weight hasn't been anything significant. The OB looks at all of these stats and decides it's time to get her out, and I agree. The OB checks how far along I was - 39 weeks exactly, with no progress. So I ask her, what are we gonna do? She sends me to L & D to be induced. I will have the chance to VBAC. So, at this point, I knew it was going to happen. Something in my gut had always told me it was going to be around the 20th or 21st. I don't know why, but I knew. Mother's intuition? Anyway, when we finished up the appt, I looked over at Jess, and poor thing looked so nervous. I think, like everyone else, he was nervous to see me in pain and the work that was to come.

But just before we headed to L & D. We went home to get our bags, spread the word, and kiss Jacob good-bye for a few days. Let me tell you, I had such a hard time saying good-bye to him that day. I would burst out crying. So many feelings were going through me - joy, fear, guilt, happiness. But I'm glad I took my time to get to L & D 'cause when we got there my room wasn't ready. They'd said they were busy, and my room was being cleaned. After waiting a few minutes, we were called back. I got into my stylish hospital wear, and got ready for the journey that was about to begin.

The plan was to get my cervix ready with a gel, and there would be 3 attempts. Each attempt required that I lay for about an hour and then I could get up, and if I needed the next attempt, it would be 6 hours after the beginning of the last attempt. Well, I used all three attempts. And it was now July 21st, I didn't sleep a wink the night before, and I was exhausted already - mentally and physically. It was early morning when they told me it would be around 12p when they would start the Pitocin to induce. But with the last gel attempt, I had already started contracting on my own without the Pit. And I had just sent Jess home to shower, eat, and say Hi to Jacob. We told him he had to be back in an hour, just in case. Before the IVs, I was allowed to take one last shower, and get ready for the big ride. They hooked me up to IV to get my antibiotics for my +GBS, the Pit, and magnesium sulfate for the high BP (worst crap ever!). OMG, I had the worst nurse for this. I mean, she was sweet and really nice, but she did NOT know how to get the IV in me. She tried 3 times! And the 3rd time I literally cried out, it hurt so much. And she kept shoving. Finally, she had another nurse try, and she looked at the needle they were using and it was HUGE! She said she was trying with the wrong size needle! I swear I nearly fainted when I saw the size of the needle. No wonder it hurt so much. But luckily, the other nurse was able to get it in one shot w/ the right size needle. During this time, they also hooked me up to internal monitors to watch my contractions and baby's HR.

Now we wait. We wait for the pit to kick in, and it did. Actually, I was starting to have regular contractions on my own for a few hours now. I watched as my contractions went from little bumps and hills to these massive peaks of pain on the monitor. The nurse checked me and I was at 2cm dilated. The contractions were still regular and getting more and more painful, but I could still talk. Finally, I couldn't talk through them and the OB said I could get an Epidural. By the time the Epi came, my contractions were strooong. I was in sooo much pain. And I would barely get a minute to breath before another started. I wanted the Epi so bad, but it kept taking forever. They prepped me for the Epi and I could feel it, but it was taking awhile to get in my system. The Epi guy said it would take 4 -5 contractions, but it took more than that, I was still feeling them. Not as bad, but I shouldn't have felt them. So they doped my up some more, and at this time I was laying on my right side. Slowly, I felt my right side get numb, they then placed me on my left side and I could feel the numbness spread to my left side. But I could still feel the pain that was radiating from my middle. They gave me more meds. Finally, I wasn't feeling them anymore. I was okay, but baby girl was not. Her heart rate wasn't looking normal. It was really low. They decided it's time for a c-section. But...before they take me, they check me and I'm now at 5cm! This was all happening very fast, in just minutes I dilated pretty quickly. There was hope that I could still VBAC. But then baby girl didn't look good again, and they decided not to risk it. I still really wanted my VBAC, but I saw the distress that baby gril was in, and I knew I had to have the RCS. But I can now say I know what labor feels like, and it was everything I thought it was going to be. It was time for my second c-section.

I was rushed to the OR. I knew what would happen within the next few minutes, however this time I would be awake for the entire thing. I thought I wouldn't because I was sooo drugged up, but I did. I remember being nauseous from all the meds. But I was awake. I remember I was just waiting for the cry...and I heard it and I was okay. I was able to really relax, and I was in and out of sleep for like minutes at a time. And I just listened to everyone's conversations around me, and trying to hear Isabella. They finally brought her to me, and she had sooo much HAIR! And she was tiny! I swear the scale was off. They said she weighed 8 lbs 2 oz but she looked so small. Jacob was huge in comparison. They took her back to do the rest of her stuff, and her APGAR, at first was 7/10, understandable because of what had happened before birth, but a few minutes later it was 9/10.

After all was said and done, they took us all to a recovery room to monitor us. Isabella had to be watched for her blood sugar because of the gestational diabetes, but it was good after having a bottle. Her BS were normal and remained normal from there on out. I was able to watch the nurse bathe her and get her ready while my meds slowly wore off, and Jess went to the waiting area to tell everyone about Isabella. A few hours later, we were taken back to an L & D room where we could be watched more closely instead of the usual L & D recovery rooms. It was already getting late by this point, around 7p, and we all got as comfy as we could. Luckily, we had double beds so Jess was able to sleep in an actual bed the 1st night, and I was quite comfortable and was able to sleep.

We were kept in the hospital for 3 more days, released on Saturday. My stay was actually really good. They offered a nursery at night, but I didn't use it. Jess is such a good dad. He took care of her throughout our stay while my body recuperated. Isabella has been doing perfectly. She is perfect. Serious, can you say SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT?! She can go for like 4 -5 hour sleep stretches at night! Yeah, I know, it's probably a fluke and it won't last or anything but the extra sleep helps. And Jacob is such a good boy! He has not shown one ounce of jealousy or one mean streak...yet. He says baby when he sees her, and he tries to say Isabella, but only Bella comes out. I'm seriously the luckiest woman alive! My kids (<---Ha! I said kids) are angels, my husband is sooo helpful and such a good dad, and my family is so supportive. What more could I ask for? As for me, the c-section recovery hasn't been too bad. Everyone said that recovery would be harder because I had labored and my body would be tired. Honestly, I felt much more tired and in pain when I had my c-sect with Jacob. I've not felt any pain from the surgery, just soreness, and if I over do it, the soreness gets worse. But nothing my meds can't handle. Ah, and one souvenir I seem to have from my pregnancy is high BP. Yep, I didn't have it before I got pregnant, but now it doesn't seem to want to go away. They say it will, eventually. I hope. Oh, and I have more swelling in my feet than I did when I was PG, apparently from the IV meds.

We've now had a mother and baby wellness check up, and we're doing fine. Isabella's weight has gone down but nothing to worry about, and my recovery is moving along fine. I actually feel really good. I actually feel like going out! I can't believe it's already been over a week, but momma and baby are happy!

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