Saturday, July 10, 2010

L & D Twice in 1 Week

Since my last post, things have been a bit crazy. Friday I had an NST and, at first, baby girl looked fine. She was moving like crazy, and my BP was ok. Nothing outrageous. But then baby girl, I think, went to sleep or stopped moving as much as before. Well, then the nurses tried stimulating her with the buzzer thingy, and she didn't really do anything. So then I had an AFI because the perinatologist, that saw my last NST, wanted it repeated. MY AFI was fine, it was at 13. However, since baby girl was not so responsive to the buzzer, they decided to do a Biophysical Profile (BPP), this measures baby's heart rate, muscle tone, movement, breathing, and the amount of amniotic fluid around baby. Well since baby wasn't moving much now, they couldn't measure movement or muscle tone, so she basically failed. Now I'm starting to get worried.

After 2 hours at the NST appt, and talking with my OB and a peri, the nurses send me to L & D. Yeah, that's twice in only a matter of days. I was being sent to continue the NST, and to have a CST (contraction stress test). By this point I'm hungry and they don't want to feed me just in case I have to have a c-section. But there I was, repeating that I don't want one unless it's an emergency. So they continue to monitor us, and my BP is through the roof! Like 150s/100s. That's bad. But get this, while I was at the NST it was 100s/60s. It was the nurse who was making me mad. I was not happy with her and it was showing, but then my husband got there and he told me to relax, I started watching TV, and slowly my BP went down. It hovered around 130s/70s the whole time. Not too bad at all. It's already getting late by this point, my NST appt was at 2:30p and it was now 5:30p. They're still monitoring baby, and they start the CST, this is where they give me a small dose of contraction inducing meds and check to see how baby reacts when I have a contraction. Baby girl passed this test. Yay!

We go on monitoring and it's super duper late and they tell me I'm staying over night, but the good news is I get to eat. Finally, at 10:00p, I had dinner. Oh, and I've had a new nurse for a couple of hours already that I LOVE. She explained everything and answered ALL of questions. She was there for me throughout the night with whatever I needed. I tried to get some sleep, but I was extremely uncomfortable. I had the IV in my right hand for the nutrients and the CST meds, and my right arm had the BP cuff that went off every hour. I did not sleep at all. Oh, and I was sooo hot! I was sweating bullets despite being half naked, so my favorite nurse offered me a fan! It helped a ton. I even woke up, well brightened up, at around 4:00a and I was starving. The nurse brought me a snack. Perfect. I also asked her how baby was doing and she said ever since I ate dinner, night before, baby girl had looked perfect. She said that if I had come in to do an NST, and baby girl did that, she would have let me go within 30 minutes. Great. After that, I tried to sleep some more, and I was so relieved she looked better, but by the time 6:00a came around I was up. I asked the nurse how baby did through the whole night and she said she looked great. She also mentioned that she would contact my OB to get me out early and continue my third 24-hour urine catch at home. But then there was a shift switch and my nurse was gone, and the OTHER one was back, but my fave nurse had explained to her about contacting the OB and everything else. So, by 9:30a I was allowed to go home, but on strict bed rest now. I can only go from couch to bed to bathroom. It's going to be hard but I only have 2 weeks left, if that. I have a feeling I may be induced soon, but please, no c-sect!

The whole experience was deja vu...again. I know how baby acts and reacts. I know her routine/schedule. I eat, she moves, for like 1 hour, then sleeps, I eat, she moves, then sleeps. It's the same thing that happened the other times I was admitted to L & D. But no one wanted to feed me despite me telling them what would happened. Definitely not happy with that, but this journey is coming to an end, and just as long as we're healthy it doesn't matter how we get there.

Again, that was a book! And if you read that...Thank you! If not, I totally understand.

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Jennifer said...

You sure have been having a wild ride! I cannot believe it is almost time for you to meet her! Eeek! Not much longer! Hang in here!!!!

MrsKBJ said...

You poor thing! It will all be worth it! Hope this will be a great week!