Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hers & His Bedroom

Yeah, my due date's exactly 2 weeks away and my intuition of her coming early may be right on, so I knew I had to get their room together. Well, I didn't have to, but I knew I wouldn't give it enough attention if I waited 'til after her arrival. It's pretty much done. As you can tell, her theme is ladybug and Jacob's is bumble bee. The sets are very similar and I like that they mesh well in the room. Of course, I found a similar set a few weeks ago that I loved that had pink, green, and black in it with ladybugs, but oh well. This is definitely not the nursery I had envisioned for her, but I made do with what I had. Some of the changes I made, despite the obvious, is new curtains, moved the rocker out, new toy basket, redone ladybug hamper, and one of the shelves was redone. The curtains now match both sets with the black and white gingham. And I had two bee shelves so I took one and redid it (with my niece's help) to match with ladybugs. I also bought a sage green hamper with natural wood that I redid. I painted it white and glued ladybugs to the front, and now it matches perfectly. Honestly, I lagged on this room. It didn't take long at all, but I was dragging my feet. I'm so relieved it's done!

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MrsKBJ said...

It is perfect! Looks so cute! I love the bug theme. We just ordered madisons toddler rail. Eeeek! Should be interesting. I expecting it will take a couple weeks to get her use to it. It will take 12 weeks to get here, so we have so we have a little time still.