Thursday, September 16, 2010


It's that time of year! Halloween is just around the corner! And, as per usual, I've already bought Jacob and Isabella's costumes. I was already thinking of, and looking for, Isabella's costume before she was even born. Should I be embarrassed? I'm not. I'm a planner. Any who, I've come to realize that this will be the last year I can pick a costume for Jacob. I was super close to letting him be one of his favorite characters, but I decided to be selfish, and relish in my little boy still being, well...little. This year Jacob is going to be a dragon. I'm warning you, I can still change my mind since Halloween is a month and a half away. Same thing for Isabella, kind of. Isabella's going to be a flower. I've been wanting this costume for months. Unfortunately, it's too big. Like HUGE! BUT! I bought it anyway. And I'm hoping some heavy alterations will make it fit, and the luck of knowing a professional seamstress. Ugh, here's hoping they actually wear these costumes, and that I don't change my mind. The one downside of buying costumes early!


Jennifer said...

I love the costumes! L was that dragon last year! I know it would be too small for J now, but I would totally send it to you if it fit!

MrsKBJ said...

Cute! I love them!! Madison is going to be a pirate :O)