Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Isabella's 2 Months Old

We had Isabella's wellness check-up exactly on her 2 month birthday! And looking at her stats, BOY! Is she big! Drum roll, please! She is 23.5 inches tall and is weighing in at 13 pounds ( I believe she's carrying 5lbs in each cheek! LOL!)! Both #s are in the 90th percentile, and head circumference is just above the 50th percentile. She's my chunky little ladybug. Am I surprised? No. I could practically see her growing before my eyes. She had a major growth spurt last week. She was eating constantly. She's mellowed out much more this week. She's not as whiny as she once was, and she loves to talk. She likes to have conversations, more so with girls than with boys. She had 6 vax at her appt, 3 shots. It was sooo heart breaking. I almost cried with her, but once she had her binky, she settled down and went to sleep. And she slept for a looong time, but when she woke up that's when the flood gates opened. Every time she moved her legs, or we touched them, she would cry. Poor baby :0( And now that she's had her first round of vax, we will be getting her ears pierced.
And an update on her Baptism dress - it will be here early! It has shipped! Yay! I was so happy. I even called them to confirm and they said that they got a new shipment in already. Such a relief!

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Katie said...

She is a doll! Chubby babies are the best! My 2 year old still has her kissable chubs!

Found you via New Friend Fridays!