Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tummy Time for Isabella...

or Jacob? Is tummy time really for Isabella, or Jacob? We've been doing TT for awhile now, and Isabella only lasts minutes before she starts whining, not crying, just whining. It really keeps her entertained, when she's not on her tummy, and sometimes it down right wears her out. But the one who really loves TT is Jacob. Yes, Jacob. He asks to bring out the mat and says, Play baby. And every once in awhile you'll catch him dancing to the cheesy music playing on the mat. But his oh so favorite thing to do is lay on the mat with his sister. No, he can't really fit under it. He bumps his head every time, but he's fascinated by this toy. I swear, more so than his regular toys. Why is that? Why are kids always fascinated by something that belongs to someone else? I've noticed this a lot lately, not only with Jacob but other kids, hmmm and some adults. So, every time I set out the TT mat, Jacob lets out an excited gasp, it's tummy time. Oh, and there have been a few occasions where he has pitched a fit because Isabella's over TT and it's time to put it away. But I absolutely love that as soon as I put her on the mat, he has to join her!

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