Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bunk Buddies

Isabella has been successfully sleeping in the same room as Jacob for about 4 weeks! They've gotten used to each other, and they rarely wake each other up during the night. I didn't say morning. Isabella wakes Jacob most of the time. But I swear! I'm super lucky I have kids who adjust well. Isabella's also been waking up a lot less during the night. Yahoo! I'm getting much better sleep, but I still wake occasionally to check on them. One of my biggest fears has come true, however. A few weeks ago, I'd put Bella in her crib while her brother was sitting and watching Toy Story 3 for the millionth time. I was busy making our bed and putting stuff away, and I was listening/watching for them on the monitor. When, all of a sudden, I heard this weird noise on the monitor and I couldn't see Jacob on it. So I run to the room, and what do I see? Jacob jumping up and down. in the crib. right next to his sister! I almost had a heart attack. As soon as he saw me, he stopped, and I was mad. He was scolded, but I couldn't help but laugh. He would, and does, ask to sit in the crib with his sister. I can't get mad at him for wanting to be in there and "play" with her. Well, since then, on a few other occasions, Jacob has climbed into her crib, but fortunately for Isabella, she was not in there. I've found him playing with the mobile, and he still gets scolded.

He uses this chair to get in...

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