Thursday, December 2, 2010

The tree is up!

This past Thanksgiving weekend we put up our Christmas decor! I was dying to put it up. I actually wanted to put it up the weekend before but people would have thought I was a little too excited. Our decor is pretty much the same from last year, however we have added an extra stocking, and I made a coffee filter wreath. I have a tutorial coming soon for that! And our colors are mainly silver and blue, but next year I want to do a monochromatic theme, maybe all white or silver. But I still love my tree. I don't like the Santa stockings, the snowmen are okay, but I hope to one day get some really nice embroidered stockings that we will use forever. Jacob, surprisingly, is not too interested in the tree as far as touching it. Thank goodness. He has not touched any of the ornaments, but the bottom ornaments are all plastic and the nicer ornaments are at the top. This year we added an ornament for Isabella from her auntie, I love it! But I would love to get one that holds a picture. Maybe I'll make one?? Anywho, here's our decor!

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