Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Isabella's 11 Months!

It is true. My baby girl is 1 month away from turning the BIG O-N-E! And I know that I should be happy that I have a healthy beautiful baby girl, but I'm so sad at how fast this year has gone by. I feel like I am in total denial that my baby will no longer be a baby.

So, now that Bella is 11 months, what has she been doing? Well, she loves to mimic. She says Jacob, Hola, Hi, and Jewel (my niece's dog). She still loves to clap and play peak-a-boo. She has a total of 6 teeth, the 4 front top and 2 bottom front. She's not yet walking but is still cruising. She knows who she can manipulate and sucker in to picking her up. She blows kisses, and is still waving Hi/Bye. She gets excited when she sees the little blue car (once Jacob's), her stroller, and her car seat. She knows she's going somewhere. 

As for stats, I have no idea what she's weighing, but I assume it's around 25 pounds, although her eating habits are still the same, and she's very tall. Bella's diet includes more table foods, but a majority of it is baby food and formula. I'll be moving her to milk in  just 3 short weeks. Eek. Her sleep schedule is kind of up in the air. She'd been taking a morning nap and a late afternoon nap, but they keep getting shorter and shorter. So, I may be moving her to one nap a day. Bed time is 8 pm, and she wakes at around 7am.  And here we are, 11 months. Where did the time go...

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