Thursday, June 30, 2011

Michaels Decorating Basics - Final Class

I had my last and final decorating class, and I can honestly say, I'm kind of sad. Kind of. But then I think about all the work that went into it, and how much I really got out of it, and I forget about being sad. LOL! Despite the good deal, to continue on in the classes, I don't like the prep required for each class and all the stuff you have to buy. And they don't tell you about that stuff until the week before each class. Okay, so you really don't have to buy it but it does make the lessons and the work much easier. Oh, well!

Our last class was kind of cumulative. We did learn a couple of things. We learned how to make rosettes and how to write. And that was about it. We each decorated our cakes anyway we wanted to, and at the end of class were each given a certificate of completion. I'm just glad I stuck it through and I didn't give up. I know I would honestly continue with the classes, but I do not care for our Michaels facility. The room is small and cramped. With amount of stuff we have to use on each project, we didn't have enough space, and the teacher was something else. She only helped when you looked at her with lost eyes. But the next teacher is supposed to be different. So, maybe one day, I will go onto level 2. Maybe...

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