Thursday, June 9, 2011

Michaels Decorating Basics- Day 1

I had my first day of cake decorating at Michaels. I should say "we" since it's me, my sis and my niece. But it was...interesting. We got off to a late start since the instructor could not find booklets for us, and then we didn't have all the supplies we needed. It was really confusing. The instructor was horrible. She would come around and help some people and not others. You never knew when she was moving on to the next thing because she would only tell those she was near. So weird. I think this class would be so much more fun if we had a fun and engaging instructor, but we do not. We'll see how the next 3 classes go.

But anyway, I did learn a lot of cool tips. My favorite is that if you want to smooth out frosting on an iced cake, just use a spatula over parchment paper, and you'll get a smooth finish. Love it! We also practiced on basic stars, shells, and small flowers. But, since we were so unprepared, I felt unmotivated to even try (look at my awful cookies & they were smashed in transit). Oh well. We have our next class. Next week we'll be doing a cake. I can't wait! Funny things is, we'll be bringing home 3 cakes!

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MrsKBJ said...

I have always wanted to take one of those classes! Hobby Lobby has them too I think. Have fun!