Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Isabella's Birthday Weekend

We had a looong weekend. It started on Thursday and didn't end until Sunday. Thursday night we had a small cake for Isabella. And we sang Happy Birthday. She got a little freaked with the singing at her, and Jacob did the honors of blowing the candle out. Isabella was a little cranky from her shots earlier in the day. She had a teeny bit of cake and went to bed.

Friday we spent the day preparing, my niece and I iced 118 cupcakes. We also set-up and decorated for Isabella's party. Well, as much as we could. And Saturday was the BIG day. I have a huge post for that coming up and tons of pictures. I can't wait to share it. It was a fun yet super tiring day.

Sunday we relaxed, and we opened Isabella's presents. This girl is set with clothes to last her the next 2 months! I love it!

Party post is next!

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