Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pitter Patter x 2!

Isabella's walking! It's almost been a week, and I can say she is almost completely walking. The only time she crawls is if she's uncertain, or excited. Crawling is faster in these instances! She started taking steps on Sept. 1, and each day got progressively better, just like Jacob. She was exactly at 13.5 months before she started walking. In all honesty, i was starting to get a little concerned, not a bad concerned, just wondering why it was taking her a little longer to start walking. You know you always hear all these stories about someone who knows someone whose kid started walking at like 9 months. But I know, every kid is different, but we all still compare. But here we are, and Isabella's loving this new freedom. Everyday she walks a little farther and is a little less wobbly. I have a video!!!

And, as per usual, I've been planning Jake & Bella's Halloween costumes since last month! This year they are going to coordinate! I'm so excited! Isabella's costume is going to be homemade while Jacob's is a hand-me-down. A rather nice hand-me-down. We got lucky on his 'cause I didn't want to pay an arm and a leg for it....or a hand for it?! Hmmm, teeny tiny little hint there! But I'll be sharing those when they are done!

Video by: Me
Music by: Cradle Rock - I Walk the Line

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