Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Decade

The #1 question I've heard all week was, Where were you?

Ten years ago today, I was a young, 20 year old college student unaware of my future and the future of the world. Classes had only been on for a few weeks, and luckily, I had been sick and bed-ridden at home. I had slept through the live destruction taking place on the other side of the US. But the chilling effects had reached through my TV screen and touched me. I remember turning on the TV and seeing the images and watching in disbelief. I cried. I could not believe what was happening. But it was all too real. The phone calls had been coming in and thankfully everyone I loved was coming/had come home safely. Sadly, 3,000 others would not be returning home.

As we remember those who did not return home, and those men and women who are now defending and dying for our freedom, let us squeeze our loved ones a little tighter, and say a quiet prayer for ALL those who have been affected. Let us NEVER forget.

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