Thursday, September 1, 2011

Jacob's 1st Pet

Yep, you read that right. Jacob has his very first new pet. Or, should I say, I have a new pet? For Jacob's 3rd birthday, my niece thought it would be fun to get him a gold fish. I thought, sure, how long would this thing really last? Well, turns out that my niece got him a gold fish and a beta fish. Apparently, she got the gold fish for free when she bought the beta. Great, that's fine, what's one more fish? Unfortunately, I'm sad to say, the little gold fish only lasted 2 days, and he was caput. But we still have little beta whom I've named Fred. Yes, since it is my fish, I get to name him. So, beta is now known as Fred the fish. I liked the ring to it. And now it's been about 2.5 weeks since we acquired Fred, and he's doing well. I don't know if that's a good thing or not. Jacob, as per usual, has already forgotten about him. It could be because we keep him in the bathroom. I have no idea where else to put him. But he gets fed by me morning and night, and forget about his bowl. That thing is nasty to clean. Could be the reason why the water is sooo foggy. Hmmm, I guess I should really try to clean it instead of just kinda cleaning it. One day. It really grosses me out to touch the water. And the smell...yuck! But it's relatively easy. Thank goodness! Meet Fred...

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