Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jacob's Back to School Night & Ouchie!

A few weeks ago, Jacob had his back to School night at preschool. Luckily, I had a lot of my questions answered, and it gave the hubs an opportunity to check out Jacob's school too. There are 30 kids in Jacob's class along with 3 teachers. They seem very nice and very patient. The head teacher told us what they've been learning, and what they'll be learning as the year goes on. It's funny 'cause she mentioned that they've learned some songs and that we've probably heard them at home, but every time I ask Jacob if he sang at school he says no. Jacob also showed us his favorite toy in the classroom. The pirate ships. Every time he goes to class he goes straight for these ships. oh, and apparently, Jacob's a little aggressive. Not physically, but I guess demanding. We've been working on that. I think that's about it. Oh, during this particular session, they've been working on colors, manners, and sharing. Totally new concepts to 3 year olds. But he's still loving it!

And my poor Jacob had a horrible week last week, hence no blogging. But he got a huge ouchie. He not only had a cold, so he was all congested and stuffy, but he hit the corner of our TV stand. He busted the right corner of his bottom lip. I felt horrible because we didn't have it protected. Well we did, with some rubber corner guards, but Jacob would rip them off so I stopped putting them on. Luckily, he really didn't need stitches, but it then started to get infected so he was placed on antibiotics. But, wow! That thing healed up so fast. In less than a week, his lip was completely back to normal. And now the TV stand has a big elastic scrunchy looking thing all around it. So, it was a crazy week, Isabella and I also got sick. But, we're ALL doing much better now!

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