Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oreo Mummies

Jacob had his Halloween party at school last week, and I signed up to take turkey sandwiches. But I also wanted to give them a little treat. So, I don't remember how I found this idea, but it's everywhere! Oreo mummies, or Oreo pops, are popular and easy to do. However, the ones that I found called for the Oreos to be dipped in white chocolate and then drizzled again with more chocolate. Uh, hello! That's a lot of chocolate! Well, not for me, but especially for preschoolers, so I tried to lighten it up. Here's what I did/used:

2 1/2 packages of Halloween themed Oreos (yields 40 mummies)
1 - 24 oz bag of White chocolate chips (make as directed)
80 Button Candies for the eyes (or mini chocolate chips, candy googly eyes, M & Ms, Skittles)
Wax Paper
Cookie Sheet
Sandwich bags

The first thing I did was line a cookie sheet with wax paper. I then placed the Oreos on the sheet leaving about a 1.5 inch distance between each cookie. I then poured myself a small bowl of white chips microwaving them according to the directions on the bag (for me, this meant using Crisco shortening). Once melted, I poured the chocolate into a sandwich bag, and snipped off a tiny corner of the bag. I then pipped chocolate for the eyes, and placed the candy buttons on the cookies. I let them set for a little bit, and got started on making more chocolate, following the directions on the bag. Once the chocolate was heated, I poured it into a new sandwich bag, and started drizzling the chocolate over the cookies. After I was done pipping, I let them set up in the fridge for a bit. After about 15 minutes, I placed them in little cello bags and attached a tag! That was it! Easy, cute, and tasty!

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