Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Picking Pumpkins

We recently made our way out to a pumpkin patch. We picked 2 pumpkins, one for each kid. I'm not really big on these make shift PPs, but we would pass by one every time I took Jacob to school and they'd have bounce houses, balloons, and animals. And ever time we would pass by it, in his little voice, Jacob would ask if he could go to the party. Of course, we had to go. But we didn't go to this exact one, instead we went to one near my bro's house. We were going to visit him, and why not stop by the patch. Oh my word, it was such a *HOT* day. But we all made it. The rest of my family came along for the ride too. First thing Jacob had his eye on was the bounce house, so of course we let him go on it. And the sign said 15 minutes per ticket. Well, the PP wasn't very busy so Jacob was allowed to jump to his little heart's content. While he was jumping, and dad was watching him, Bella and I went looking for our pumpkins. It took a little bit, but we found 'em. Perfect for putting a nice little face on each. Jacob was still jumping, and the sun was still blazing. So, it was time to get Jacob out. But we weren't done just yet. We took Jacob to the little petting zoo where they had goats and chickens, or something. I didn't really pay attention, but he did NOT want to touch a thing. Oh, well. Maybe next year? He didn't really care about anything but the bouncers, and Isabella was still oblivious. Yeah, maybe next year.

Lastly, I'm going to be starting a big project! For me anyway. I'll give more info in my next post and a sneak peek into it. I'm so excited!


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