Tuesday, March 6, 2012

{DIY} Painted Pillowcase

I've been itching to do a craft project, and this one just came to me. I recently purchased a new bedding set. I LOVED our old one. I bought it almost 4.5 years ago right after we got married. It was pretty pricey but the quality was outstanding. But after 4.5 years and two kids, it wasn't looking too hot. Holes started popping up all over it. It started ripping :( So, I went on a search for a new one and I knew I wanted cheap and cute. Hello, Walmart! I got a cute cheap in price/quality set for $50 and I'm sure it's not going to last more than a year. Oh, well. It'll give me an excuse to get a new set next year! Anywho! I wanted an accent pillow, but I'm not a crazy accent pillow lady, so I just made one. Here's how I did it...

You'll need:
Paint Brush
Contact paper

I had this pillow from way back when I bought my loved bedding set. I took apart the pillow bottom so that I could take out all the filling, and put it aside for later. Once the filling was out, I placed a plastic Target bag inside the pillowcase so that the paint would not seep through. I used contact paper, and cut out my stencil using my Cricut machine from the Songbird cartridge. I placed the contact stickers where I wanted them, and got out my paint. I used acrylic paint because it's what I had on hand, and I knew I was not and will not wash this pillow. I used a sponge bush to dab/blot the paint on the stencil. I let it dry for a few hours and that's it! I added a few dots here and there, and I stuffed it right back up! Sewed the sucker up, and done! So easy, cute, and cheap!


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