Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rainbow Cupcakes & A Weekend Recap

We celebrated St. Patrick's day last weekend! Jacob's school celebrated on Friday, the day before, and I was sooo excited! I volunteered in his class to help with all the festivities (aka cupcakes), and the mess the leprechauns left behind. But one hour into class, and Jacob had a little accident. He puked! I hope you weren't eating. It was so sad. For both of us. I was having fun chatting with his teacher, and there were only 6 kids in class. A quiet day. Jacob was playing with his friends until...yack. It was quite funny to see, actually. All the kids were so unfazed by it. So, just in case he was contagious or something, I scooped him up and took him home. He missed his St. Patty's day party :( Oh, but don't worry. I made up for it by making him the cutest and tastiest cupcakes. Ever. Okay, they were just REALLY cute, and pretty tasty. Other than that, Jacob only puked that once, and it turned out to be a quiet weekend due to the cold, rainy weather we had all weekend =)

Onto the cupcakes! I used this recipe from the Disney Family Fun website. I should also mention that I originally found this recipe on...You guessed it, Pinterest. I made only a few changes. Instead of regular liquid food coloring I used gel food coloring. It has a much more vibrant color. And I used french vanilla box cake mix.  By the way, these are a pain to make. I only made 13 cupcakes and the recipe calls for 16. The first few cupcakes were huge, oh well. And I suggest instead of using a spoon to fill up the liners, use a piping bag or a sandwich bag filled with the cake mix and pipe it in. I feel it might be easier to spread the layers this way. Will I do this again? I don't know. They were cute, but I don't know if they were THAT cute. Here they are in all their cuteness...

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