Monday, December 17, 2012

Disneyland CandleLight Processional

Last week was a dicey week. Most of us were under the weather but we still made it to the Disneyland CandleLight Ceremony. As an annual passholder, I won wristbands for reserved seating, and it was amazing! We had awesome seats just 3 rows from the reader for the evening who happened to be none other than Disney great, Dick Van Dyke! He read the story of Jesus' birth and the choirs sounded great! We totally caught a lucky break! It rained the night before and the night after and it had been raining off and on the day of the ceremony. But by evening the skies had cleared! The crowd was also very light so we had a late night snack and took a ride on the Haunted Holiday Mansion. A super fun night!

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