Wednesday, December 5, 2012

{DIY} Snowflake Wreath

This year I wanted a new wreath. My ornament wreath had seen better days and is now missing a bunch of ornaments. So, I searched Pinterest for something a little different. I found a ton of cute wreaths, however my main criteria for a wreath was to withstand extreme outdoor conditions. Okay, not really extreme but nothing made out of paper. So, a popsicle snowflake wreath it was!

I found the directions for my wreath from a few sites including but I followed the directions at Sorry if there are no links (posting from my phone sucks). You can find similar directions at both websites just pick one that works for your vision. Oh, and this wreath is ridiculously easy. The only time consuming part was getting the angles straight but that was my borderline OCD kicking in. But isn't it cute? I *love* it!

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