Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Off to the Dentist & Writings

We've been very busy at the dentist. Last week Jacob went for his usual twice yearly check up, and his teeth looked great! Except, he had a tiny cavity. So, we got it filled ASAP. He did extremely well without any laughing gas. The dentist kept praising him, and he loved getting a toy from the toy box. A green spiked ball to be exact, and he got to watch one of his favorite movies, Despicable me. This was his second cavity and I think the culprit was/is fruit snacks. He begs for them daily but he does not get them daily. Not like he used to, so we'll see if that helps anything.

And in other news, I'm a proud mom! Jacob can now write his name! It's not perfect but I'm proud. It took him about 2 months. I have no idea if that's good or bad but who cares, he can do it!

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