Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Silver Tidings!

This year I changed up our Christmas decor. I've been wanting to change it up for a few years now and this was the year. For the last couple of Xmases our tree was turquoise and silver while our other decor included light green and purple. Well, I found quite a few things on clearance last season and saved them. The thing is, I forgot I bought stuff and went out and bought more stuff this year. Our tree is tiny. Maybe just under six feet? But that's because we don't put on the bottom layer of the fake tree. However, next year, with all of our extra decorations I will be using the whole tree!

I also posted earlier on my DIY snowflake wreath, we also have some new stockings, and I filled our apothecary jars with silver ornaments. I love the way it all turned out BUT I really want a mantle! We don't have a fireplace so we hang our stockings on a mirror but I love decorating and we don't have room or a place to decorate so that's where a faux mantle comes in. Keep a look our for it cause when I get one I'm going to post all about it. Oh, and one of these years I'm going to go with RED, silver and white! Too late for this year.

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