Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Bumble Bee & Batman Party!

A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated the kids' birthdays. I REALLY wanted to do single parties for each, but come on, joint makes much more sense. So, joint we did. My biggest obstacle was finding a them they could share. Colors, characters, whatever worked. Colors worked this year. I decided to use black and yellow for a bumble bee and batman theme. I started with the invitation and then worked all the other stuff out. I bought most of my decorations, and made a few. To my surprise, the Batman theme gave me the biggest headache since now Batman dresses in blue. Who knew? So, I just used the logo through out, and made my usual centerpieces. I also made the cupcake toppers and candy labels. We had a last minute candy buffet that looked sooo cute! Glad I did it, but we're still eating candy. Besides the candy table, the kids also got a favor basket. I bought yellow baskets at the Dollar Tree, and I filled them with a ball, sidewalk chalk, water guns, a nifty whistle, and bubbles. The cakes! I loved them too. They were from Sam's Club. I had no idea that Sam's Club had so many licensed character cakes. Way more than Costco. For the bee cake, I just asked them to decorate with flowers and I bought sugar bees separately. For the Batman cake, I bought sugar sheets from Michaels and had my niece cut out a bat. I also bought batman rings separately and added those to the cake. Side note: Sam's had really cute Batman cakes BUT they were in blue! I didn't want the blue so I went on my own for the d├ęcor. We had a taco guy, love them! They're so easy since they provide just about everything. We all had a good time and all the kids enjoyed the pool party! I say it now, but I don't want to do another party next year! I might change my mind. Maybe.

Black and yellow candy table.


Bumble bee cake using sugar bees.

Batman cake.
Bumble bee centerpiece.
Batman centerpiece.
Bumble bee and Batman cupcake toppers.
Happy Birthday!!!


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