Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ear Piercing Screams

Yes, it's October, and Halloween is just around the corner, but this post has nothing to do with it. Last weekend, we had Isabella's ears pierced. It's a family tradition to get the baby girl's ears pierced when they are infants. I had mine done as a baby and I knew I would do the same with my daughter. We went to the mall with a mission. I went prepared and checked out the store's offerings before going. You know me, I loved to be prepared. I picked out her earrings, and filled out the paper work. Isabella was already kind of drowsy, and going in and out of a light nap. My niece also got her ears pierced, and Isabella was next. Jesse held her as the girl behind the counter marked the spots. I doubled checked, made a correction, and it was time. With rubber gloves, and a loaded piercing gun, the girl shot the first stud, and Isabella let out a wail. Not too bad, but there was one more, and that last shot pushed her over the edge. She let out a loud cry, and she cried for a few minutes. Once she settled down, I gave her her paci, and she was fine. That was it. It's been a few days now, and she's been perfectly fine, and her ears appear to be healing normally. No extra fussiness! My little baby girl and her little flower earrings...

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