Thursday, February 10, 2011

Baby Curls

It's no big secret that Isabella has curly hair, but you never really see how curly her hair is. Most of the pictures I've posted here, show Bella's hair semi curly with some partially straight sections. But when her hair hits water, it gets curlyyy! I don't mean a big bouncy loose curl. I'm talking tight little curls all over her little head. It looks so funny 'cause the curls are so so so tight. She looks like she has a little fro! But once she takes a nap, and sleeps on it, the curls loosen. However, now her hair is getting longer, and is starting to get into her eyes. And a funny palm tree has now appeared on the top of her head. Or as nana calls it, the umbrella. It's crazy 'cause when I was making bows for her (before she was born), I was hoping she would have a lot of hair. Unlike Jacob, who had a few strands of hair pasted to the side of his head for months. He looked like a little old man. Not Bella, she's got momma's hair. And she's got a full head of hair! Lucky girl ;0)

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