Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jumpers & Paint brushes!

A few weeks ago, we introduced Isabella to Jacob's old jumper, and well, she did not love it as much as Jacob did! At least, in the beginning. After I attached some noisy keys to it, she liked it a bit more. She likes jumping and hearing the keys make noise. It can get a bit annoying after lots of jumping, but it's so funny seeing her get into the jumping. She also likes to rock back and forth in it. So, she's enjoying that, and rolling around everywhere! Sometimes she tries to get her knees up, but she'll either gut stuck on the carpet or will slide on the floor. But I'm okay with that. I don't want her to be crawling just yet.

Jacob has picked up one of many new hobbies. As he says, "Momma, I like paint!" He also likes to draw. We have these cool paint brushes by crayola where the paint is in the brush, and they're shaped for easy holding with little hands. And of coarse, washable. Almost everyday, Jacob paints. He also wears it too!

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