Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jacob is 2½!

He's half way to three! At 2.5, Jacob is talking up a storm. He knows exactly how to state his opinion, and talks in complete sentences. Jacob also says the darndest things. For example, back during Xmas, I had wrapped some presents and asked Jacob to put them under the tree, and when he did, he yelled, "Happy birthday, tree!" He always says something funny! More recently, he was playing with an airplane and the back of it had a little door. Well, one morning, Jacob was playing with the airplane and he said, "Momma, look! Airplane butt!" I laughed. He pointed at the back of the airplane. It was too cute. I look forward to hearing what he has to say, and what new things he has learned.

Jacob's favorite movie of the moment is Cars. And he's really into Hot Wheels again. Jacob's favorite food is french fries, but he really loves his Nana's home cooked food, especially rice. He loves fruit snacks and raisins, and can eat them all day. He's starting to get picky about his food saying, "I no like it, Momma." But once he starts eating, he'll eat.

As for getting along with his sister, I couldn't ask for anything better from toddler. He's just started telling her he loves her, and giving her hugs. If her binky falls, he'll pick it up and try to wash it. He'll go and grab toys for her, and he loves when she's on the floor. Jacob will roll right along with her. And if she rolls too far, he'll scream, "Oh no, baby!" He no longer tries to go in her crib, but then again the mobile is gone. Bella pretty much ripped it down. But he is such a good brother. I can only hope things stay this tranquil. Yeah, I doubt it!



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