Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Isabella is 7 Months!

At 7 months, Isabella can now sit on her own with control, she's been doing it for about 3 weeks. She's doing great on her baby food, and had been keeping a steady diet for the last month, but I can tell she needs a little more food. Since she had been on a steady diet, she also leaned out a bit. She's not been gaining weight as steadily as she once was, but she's tall. No, no teeth, yet. I sense they'll come in soon. She's been teething and slobbering up a storm...literally. And she's been constantly gnawing on whatever she can get her hands on.

And I can see the handful that she is becoming. She's very different from Jacob. Jacob seemed to be more passive, while Bella is go out there and get what she wants. I've mentioned before that she rolls around everywhere. And she knows now, to get where she wants, she has to roll to the hard wood floors from the carpet. From the hard wood floors, she knows she can slide wherever she needs to go. Is this crawling? I hope not. Jacob was not mobile 'til he was like 8 or 9 months! Eek!

Bella has been babbling and screaming a lot. The other day I thought she had gotten hurt. Turns out she was just screaming to scream. She also loves touching and scratching everything. And man, she has a mean little grip. She'll grab a hold of your arm, and pinch and squeeze 'til you scream. It hurts. But I still love her to pieces :0)

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