Thursday, May 5, 2011

Disney Cruisin': Day 6, 7 & 8

Day 6 was our second day in Cabo, and we did not get off the ship. It was a short stay in Cabo, we were there from 7am to noon. This was my lazy day. The beginning of the week we were go, go, go and this day I just lounged. In the early afternoon, my sister and niece took the kids swimming while I napped for a bit. Then the kids came back and they napped for a bit. Jess and I then took Jacob to watch Toy Story 3 (in 3d! Loved it!) in the middle of the afternoon. After the movie, I went souvenir shopping. I picked up only a few things, and thankfully, despite being the second to last night of the cruise, the shops were empty. I heard the last night was crazy, and everything had been picked out.

And for dinner, the hubs and I had a date night at Palo. This was a premium restaurant that charged a fee for dining. And it was sooo worth it. They served up northern Italian cuisine that was delish! And their chocolate souffl√© was divine! Mmm, mmm.

Day 7, our last day, we spent the day cleaning up our room and packing up. The only plans we had for the day were the last round of bingo, a final show, and dinner. We won one round of bingo, I believe we played 4, and the show for the evening was called 'Till We Meet Again. It was super sweet! And then of course dinner. We headed in a bit earlier than usual since we had to be up bright and early for our arrival home :0(

Day 8, we're home! We were up bright and early. We had to be out of our room by 8:30am, and breakfast was shortly after. I could see in Isabella's face she was getting sick, and her eyes were watering a lot. Despite having a TON of fun, we were all ready to go home. And we all got a lovely parting a gift..we all got sick. I should say about half our group, 8 out of 14, got sick. Really sick. But fun nonetheless!

Coming soon: final recap!


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MrsKBJ said...

Hi Corin,
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