Monday, May 23, 2011

Isabella's 10 Months Old!

This past Saturday, my baby girl turned 10 months old! Eek, 2 months 'til her first birthday! No! Actually, that is why I'm posting so late. I've been shopping for Bella's party. But anyway, Isabella has quite the little personality. She knows what she wants, and will get it. She suckers everyone in, except for her mom and dad. She is still saying Mama, is it a coincidence since she babbles so much, probably. But I can pretend that she says it, right? She also screams...a lot. And she learned how to snap her fingers a few weeks ago. She'll start waving Hi or Bye and it'll end in her fingers snapping. Too funny. And it's time to move the crib all the way to the bottom notch! She's started pulling her self up last week, but she's not ready to walk yet. She's still using her walker. She loves that thing. Jacob HATES it. She runs him over. That thing hurts when she runs over your feet. She uses the walker to run and crash. Oh, and it's so funny 'cause she'll chase Jacob around the house, and all you'll hear is laughter and squeals. The best sounds ever!

As for height and weight, I have no idea. But it's nothing too drastic. She no longer fits into 12 month clothing and is in size 18 months. She eats more table food now, and is a bit more pickier than Jacob when he was a baby. She likes sweet things but sour stuff, not so much. My baby girl is growing along like a pretty little flower, and I can't wait to see what she does next!

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