Thursday, May 12, 2011

Jacob's 1st Dentist Visit

Jacob had his very first ever visit to the dentist this week! And he did exceptionally well. He didn't freak out at all, but he was getting annoyed by the paper bib. He let the DA clean his teeth with the actual machine and not a tooth brush. He also let the dentist check his teeth and paint a polish on his teeth. He has no cavities, but unfortunately, he has a bruised tooth. His top right front tooth is bruised. A few weeks ago, after our trip I noticed that his tooth was gray, and I did some Internet research. Turns out they get that way from trauma. Looking closely at his tooth, it was not only discolored but chipped. A few weeks before the color change, Jacob had a hard fall but nothing out of the ordinary. Turns out, he hit his tooth and it's bruised. The dentist said we just need to keep an eye out for infection, and if we are very lucky the bruise will go away. But not very likely. Thank goodness his adult teeth will be just fine. And we'll be back in 6 months to see the dentist again :0)


Anonymous said...

Aww, such a big boy! And I love your new layout!!

Brendon Spaziani said...

Good thing you got the dentist to look at the bruised tooth he got. And what's better is your kid was very calm when he was in the dental clinic. He didn't look scared at all! What a brave little man!