Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kickin' up a storm!

We had another ultrasound, and baby girl is looking good! It's such a great relief! During the U/S, I could feel her and see her move at the same time. She's been moving and kicking sooo much now. I don't remember feeling Jacob move this much this early, but it could be because it's my second. And I think she's measuring ahead, but only by just a few days. And we made sure that it's still a girl - it is.

On another note, I had some tests done after my doctor found protein in my urine. I had to do a 24 hour urine collect and have blood drawn. I got my results back and everything came back NORMAL!!! I'm so relieved, and happy. I'm positive it was due to the fact that I was dehydrated. I was not drinking enough water and I knew it, but I was sick, and when I'm sick I don't want anything. My cough is still lingering. I'm just so so happy that everything is looking good, so far.

Her profile - you can kind of see her two hands in front of her face...

She's tilting her face toward the probe...

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