Wednesday, March 17, 2010


It hasn't even been a month since we've found out we're having a girl, and she's already spoiled. My sister bought her 14 outfits already, fourteen! She said she tried to downsize, but she just couldn't pick. Girl clothes are so irresistible. It's hard for me to go shopping and not look through the baby girl stuff, but I have resisted. My sister does not need to buy her clothes. I guess I should say, I'm spoiled too? My sis is throwing me a baby shower. Something more intimate than the one I had with Jacob, and way girly. We don't need anything for baby girl, but I wanted to celebrate, and I will not be registering. We really don't need anything, except for the basics - diapers, formula. And, of course, I'm putting it together. Yes, I like control. Oh come on, I love to plan and decorate! I already have my shower theme picked out and we'll be having it at the end of May or early June. Yay! I can't wait!

I also had a doctor's appointment. It was not a good appt. First of all, I'm still sick, and I mean, I have not been this sick in a looong time. Like years. Doc checked baby girl's heartbeat and it was at 160 bpm, very good. However, they found protein in my urine. Not good. They don't think it's pre-eclampsia because my BP was normal, however they think I'm either dehydrated or I have an infection. So I have to do some lab work. I hope it's just an infection that can be cleared up *cross my fingers*. We'll see soon enough, well as soon as I get the tests done. And another good thing, I'm still losing weight. A healthy thing for me. Some more good news, we'll be seeing baby girl again next week for another ultrasound. They want to check out her heart again, precautionary. Ahhh, so this has been a weird week. Oh, and then we had an earthquake, too. WTH?!

The beginnings of her wardrobe...

A couple of my absolute favorite pieces...

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