Monday, November 22, 2010

Isabella's 4 Months!

We've had Isabella's 4 month appointment and she is now weighing in at 17 pounds (96%) and is 25.75 inches (91%) tall! She had 3 shots and one oral vax. So far, she's doing much better than last time. She took the shots and screamed, but took her binky, relaxed, and napped for a bit. She also had a tiny, little spot of eczema on her cheek, but other than that the Doc said she was perfect! Such great news! He also said we can start feeding her cereal. I had tried at 4 months with Jacob, but he didn't do too well. Maybe she'll be different. So, we're off to start cereal!

As we go into Isabella's 4th month, she is now rolling from her stomach to back, and is desperately trying to go from back to tummy. She's wearing size 6 month clothing, and is still eating 5 bottles at 6 ounces each. This may be upped soon. She is growing like crazy! She's been reaching for toys now for quite a few weeks. I love it. When she sits in her bouncy chair she loves to spin the little blue bird. So cute! I think we're going to bring out Jacob's old activity center soon! She's also doing this grunting thing. It makes her cough everytime she does it, but she keeps doing it. It's sooo funny. I'm like, what's that noise?! Oh, it's Bella!

And the BIG news...she's sleeping in her crib! It's now been a week! It was a rough week. I'm not sure if it was her not being used to her crib or a 4 month sleep regression, but she was waking up almost every night. Poor Jacob, she woke him up on a few occasions, but he's my little trooper and it didn't bother him at all. Usually, Jacob goes to sleep first at 8pm then Isabella goes down about 30 minutes to an hour later. They both wake up at around 7am when Isabella starts chatting and squealing in her crib. Again...poor Jacob. So far so good. But I've lost sleep. I wake periodically throughout the night and check the monitor, and if I need to, I'll check on them in their room. I can't believe their sharing a room. We're now trying to get back on track as far as a schedule, but it hasn't been too bad at all. Phew!

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