Thursday, November 4, 2010

Isabella's Baptism {The Ceremony}

A few weeks ago, we celebrated Isabella's Baptism. Isabella's God parent's were my brother and my niece, and the ceremony was at 3pm. Despite sharing the ceremony with about 10 other babies, it was short and sweet. Isabella had a bottle first thing, and basically had the bottle in her mouth the whole time. Jacob also did well. However, he kept saying Jesus and pointing at the huge cross at the front of the church. It would be fairly quiet and then you'd hear Jacob mumble something about Jesus. It was too cute. Anywho, Isabella's dress was from Baby Beau & Belle, and I fell in love with it the very first time I'd seen it. I knew I wanted something that she could pass on to her daughter, and that would stay in the family, like Jacob's daughter. An heirloom. That almost didn't happen when I went to place my order, and the dress was NO LONGER on the site! But, in the end, we got her dress and the matching bonnet. The dress was white with very light pink lace details, and it's sooo soft. People were touching it, and were amazed at how soft and smooth it felt. And she also had a similar bib Jacob had for his baptism, except with her details. It was a perfect day spent with close family and friends.

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