Thursday, November 11, 2010

Two in a room!

Okay, not quite. I *think* the time has finally come to put Isabella in her crib. I'd known that it would be around the 3 month mark, but didn't really think she would be ready. However, she's outgrowing her bassinet, and she sleeps through the night. Her sleep schedule is almost the same as Jacob's, maybe off by an hour. But, you may be wondering why I said *think*? Well, I may not be ready. I love having the comfort of just being able to look over and see if my baby girl is okay. Although, we do have a video monitor that we'd be using to view the whole room, but nothing beats being able to look and reach over to see her. When I asked my hubby if he thinks she's ready, he asked if I was ready. Almost. I'm just waiting for her breathable bumper to get here, and then *MAYBE* I'll be ready. Maybe...

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