Tuesday, January 4, 2011

{DIY} Christmas Gifts - Monogram Candle

As is becoming tradition, I made Xmas gifts for everyone this year. And I already have my gifts planned for next year. I made 3 different things this year and I will be sharing each in a 3 part series. Today I'm showing you...

Monogram Candles!

I got the idea for monogram candles from Centsational Girl last year. I loved how her candles came out, but I made a few changes.

Candle jars, candles, frosted glass paint, spray paint, mod podge, foam brush, glitter, monogram stickers/designs, exacto knife, glue stick, masking tape.

1. Instead of using monogram stickers, I used my Cricut and cut out the letters/designs I needed for each candle.

2. I made sure that my glass jars were clean, and I then used a glue stick to stick the letters/designs onto the jars accordingly. Next, I taped off the top of each candle so paint would not go inside the candles.

3. Once the letters were attached and dry, I then sprayed the jars with an even coat of frosted glass, and let it dry to the can's specifications.

4. Once the frost was dry, I then spray painted the glasses white. I did about 2 coats for each glass. I then let them dry to the can's specifications.

5. I then brought out my mod podge, my foam brush, and my glitter. And I painted each glass with mod podge, sprinkled it with glitter, and let it dry over night.

6. After the podge was dry, I peeled off the monogram letters/designs. Excess gunk was scraped off with the exacto knife.

7. Finally, I dropped a scented candle in and wrapped each candle in cellophane. I tied them off with a piece of ribbon and a bell.

They were a hit!

Stay tuned for gift #2 - Mod Podge clothespins.

The candle below was made similarly to the tutorial above, however instead of mod podging the whole thing, I used white glue to fill in the letter only with glitter. I LOVED the result! I'd wished I'd did them all like this.

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