Thursday, January 27, 2011

Isabella's on Solids!

It's been just a day over two weeks, since Isabella started solids. We started with green beans, and that first spoonful did not go over well. She made a scrunchy face, but she kept on eating. Every time she tries a new food she makes the same face with each first bite. Except for peaches. It took her two meals to finally accept peaches, or get used to them. She was not a happy camper with the first bowl, but she ate her second bowl just fine. She does not make the same scrunchy face with veggies. Bella's first week of solids was veggies, and now we've moved onto fruit. She eats approximately 2 tablespoons of solids twice a day. She wakes with a bottle, then she'll have food for lunch with a small bottle, a regular bottle mid-afternoon, food for dinner with a small bottle, and one last regular bottle before bed. Although, bottle feeding has become a pain! As soon as she gets full enough, she'll start playing with her bottle. It's sooo annoying. But I LOVE feeding her food. And I guess, it turns out, Isabella didn't like the first watery cereal we were feeding her. It hit me all of a sudden, after quite a few attempts, that maybe she didn't like the cereal, and she didn't. LOL! Poor baby. I was making her slurp up that watery gunk when she really wanted some real food. Well, we've got it down now!

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