Monday, January 10, 2011

Potty Training

Yup, its true! We're potty training Jacob. The first day was hard. And thankfully, I had a lot of help from my sister and niece. The first day, as soon as he woke up, I took off his diaper and put on his undies. He was a little unsure about it, but we kept asking him if he had to pee. He kept saying no but we kept putting him on the toilet. He'd drank milk and had eaten, and had a couple of small accidents. I know he had to really pee and nap time was coming around the corner. Well, nap time came and went, and he still had not went pee on the potty. He didn't even pee during his nap. Finally, after lunch, he peed on the potty and he got a sticker to place on his chart, and he got an M & M. After that first pee, the accidents were few. We made it through the first day. At night, for now, he's been wearing a pull up. The second day was still hard. It's like he had forgotten all that he had learned the day before. The second day was similar to the first, but it was the third day that you could tell he made progress. He went pee early on in the morning and had begun to tell me he had to pee without me having to ask him. And by the end of the third day, he had filled his chart. His reward, picking out an Xmas gift to open. The fourth day was even better. He woke up w/ a dry pull up, and he was vocalizing to me he had to pee before he had a major accident. He could also hold his pee for long periods of time. However, and it's a big one, he had still not gone #2. Well he had, a little, but when he wore a diaper it was at least once a day. In 4 days he'd only gone once and very little. For #2, he gets a sticker and 3 M & Ms. So, we we're then dealing with constipation. Yipee. And had lead to a diet filled w/ fiber, lots of oranges, corn, oatmeal, apple juice, and very little dairy. Oh the joys. No, but honestly, I think Jacob is getting along well. Its amazing to see how far he's come in just 3 days.

And now, after 2 weeks of potty training, Jacob is doing extremely well! He's not had an accident since the first few days, and still verbalizes if he has to pee. We've gone on a few outings, and he still did not have an accident. During these outings, he had worn a pull up, but verbalized when he had to pee, or kept his pull up dry until he came home. I'm super proud of him. Every morning we wake up and he picks out his undies he wants to wear. And he can wear pants, too. We've stopped the sticker chart, and we give out M & Ms here and there, but he's doing it on his own. At first, I really didn't think he was ready, but again, it was me who was not ready. It meant my baby was no longer a baby. I have a big boy.

He loves his undies.
He has a ton to choose from,
 they include Yo Gabba Gabba, Mickey Mouse, and a Disney combo.

He'd fill a chart every 3 days.
He was done with charts after a week and a half.

This thing was constantly filled with M & Ms.
His favorites were the yellow ones.

He loved this book.
He asked for it every time he sat down. 

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